Many drugs are inhibitors that prevent the binding of a ligand to its active site. Relay Therapeutics’ drug discovery engine is built on advances in detecting and characterizing dynamic interactions – anywhere on a protein – not just at the active site.

Relay Therapeutics recognizes that better understanding the subtleties by which protein motion regulates function will enable new approaches for therapeutic intervention in disease. To achieve our mission, we are integrating the latest scientific advances in structural biology, biophysics, computation, chemistry, and biology, giving us the ability to:

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Guide the rational design of allosteric modulators

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Detect conformational changes in disease-causing proteins upon drug binding

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Perform molecular simulations of unprecedented length and speed using special-purpose supercomputing hardware

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Explore enormous, diverse chemical space

Relay Therapeutics can deploy its allosteric drug discovery platform across a broad target space to develop breakthrough medicines for patients in need.