We have deployed our Dynamo platform to initially focus on the area of precision oncology. To date, we have generated several precision oncology product candidates that address previously intractable oncogenic targets. In addition, we are also advancing several early programs focused on other precision oncology and rare genetic disease targets. To date, we have not entered into partnerships to clinically develop or commercialize any of our programs.




IND Enabling


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Our Discovery Programs

We are deploying our Dynamo platform to advance three additional discovery-stage precision oncology programs. As with our lead programs, these programs leverage insights into protein conformational dynamics to address high-value, genetically validated oncogenes that previously have been intractable to conventional drug discovery approaches. The capabilities for our Dynamo platform in protein visualization can be applied to multiple therapeutic areas beyond precision oncology. We are continuing to leverage the power of our Dynamo platform to further diversify our pipeline by extending our approach to address genetically validated targets in monogenic diseases with two discovery-stage programs, where genetic alterations lead to disease-causing defects in protein conformational dynamics.

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